8.15 Childbirth and Miscarriage

Training Objective:

The crew member will be able to define/demonstrate the first aid for childbirth and miscarriage required to effectively handle an in-flight emergency situation.


Preparing for an Emergency Delivery
Emergency Delivery
First Aid for Miscarriage

8.15A Childbirth

8.15A.1 Define the term labour.

8.15A.2 List the signs that indicate the beginning of labour.

8.15A.3 State the signs of imminent delivery.

8.15B Preparing for an Emergency Delivery

8.15B.1 List the materials that will assist a crew member in an emergency delivery.

8.15B.2 State how to prepare the expectant mother for an emergency delivery.

8.15C Emergency Delivery

8.15C.1 Describe the role of the crew member in an emergency delivery:

  1. Normal delivery;
  2. Delivery with complications:
    1. Umbilical cord;
    2. Placenta; and
    3. Haemorrhage.

8.15C.2 State how to care for the newborn baby.

8.15C.3 State how to care for the placenta and the umbilical cord following delivery.

8.15C.4 Describe how to care for the mother following delivery until medical aid is obtained.

8.15D Miscarriage

8.15D.1 Define the term miscarriage.

8.15D.2 List the signs and symptoms of miscarriage.

8.15E First Aid for Miscarriage

8.15E.1 State the first aid for a woman who has had a miscarriage.