8.16 Frostbite/Hypothermia

Training Objective:

The crew member will be able to define/demonstrate the first aid for frostbite/hypothermia required to effectively handle an in-flight emergency situation.


Cold Injuries
First Aid for Cold Injuries

8.16A Cold Injuries

8.16A.1 Name the signs and symptoms of:

  1. Superficial frostbite; and
  2. Deep frostbite.

8.16A.2 List signs and symptoms of the progressive stages of hypothermia.

8.16A.3 Name the signs of a frozen casualty.

8.16B First Aid for Cold Injuries

8.16B.1 State the first aid for:

  1. Superficial frostbite;
  2. Deep frostbite; and
  3. Hypothermia.

8.16B.2 State the minimum time for pulse assessment in a casualty with severe hypothermia.