8.19 Toothache

Training Objective:

The crew member will be able to define/demonstrate the first aid for a toothache to effectively handle an in-flight emergency situation.


First Aid for a Toothache

8.19A Toothache

8.19.A.1 List the signs and symptoms of a toothache:

  1. Pain;
  2. Swelling; and
  3. Localized heat

Note: Often associated with sinusitis - referred pain.

8.19B First Aid for a Toothache

8.19B.1 Describe the first aid for a toothache:

  1. Call for medical assistance; and
  2. Give first aid for shock.

8.19B.2 Describe the care for a knocked out tooth:

  1. Do not handle the tooth by the root; and
  2. Gently replace the tooth into the socket.

    If the casualty refuses to have the tooth replaced:
  3. Place the tooth in moistened gauze or a cup of water; and
  4. Seek medical aid as soon as possible.