8.2 Shock, Unconsciousness and Fainting

Training Objective:

The crew member will be able to define/demonstrate the first aid for shock, unconsciousness, and fainting required to effectively handle an in-flight emergency situation.


First Aid for Shock
First Aid for Unconsciousness
First Aid for Fainting

8.2A Shock

8.2A.1 Define the term shock.

8.2A.2 List the most common signs and symptoms of shock.

8.2A.3 List the major causes of shock.

8.2B First Aid for Shock

8.2B.1 State how to prevent shock from becoming worse.

8.2B.2 Identify the position used to alleviate shock.

8.2C First Aid for Unconsciousness

8.2C.1 Define the term unconsciousness.

8.2C.2 Describe the first aid for an unconscious casualty.

8.2D Fainting

8.2D.1 Define the term fainting.

8.2D.2 Name the most common causes of fainting.

8.2D.3 Describe the signs and symptoms of an impending faint.

8.2E First Aid for Fainting

8.2E.1 Describe the first aid for person who:

  1. Feels faint; and
  2. Has fainted.