8.9 Burns

Training Objective:

The crew member will be able to define/demonstrate the first aid for burns required to effectively handle an in-flight emergency situation.


First Aid for Burns

8.9A Burns

8.9A.1 State the classifications of burns by mechanism of injury/causes and give an example of each.

8.9A.2 State the factors that determine the seriousness of a burn.

8.9A.3 State the classification of burns by degree and state their signs and symptoms.

8.9A.4 State the complications that may result from a burn.

8.9B First Aid for Burns

8.9B.1 State the first aid procedures for a burn caused by:

  1. Heat;
  2. Chemicals:
    1. Liquid
    2. Dry
  3. Electrical current; and
  4. Radiation:
    1. Sun
    2. Radioactivity

8.9B.2 State the instances when medical help is required for a casualty who has been burned.