Module 3 — Human Performance Factors


The participant will be able to describe the factors that can affect pilot decision-making.


60 Minutes


  • Physical Factors
  • Physiological Factors
  • Psychological Factors
  • Organizational Factors
  • Cultural Factors
  • Communications
  • Factors Affecting Judgment
  • Countermeasures
  • Case Study


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As we have just seen, the pilot decision-making process is fraught with challenges. But there are many other factors that can wreak havoc with the pilot's ability to make optimal decisions.


The purpose of this module is to become acquainted with the factors that affect the pilot decision-making process and develop appropriate countermeasures.


The factors we are about to explore may cause physical, emotional or psychological effects. The ensuing stress will affect the pilot's ability to make decisions. Knowledge of these factors will help us develop appropriate countermeasures to offset their effects.

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  1. Physical factors
  2. Physiological factors
  3. Psychological factors
  4. Organizational factors
  5. Cultural Factors
  6. Communications factors
  7. Factors affecting judgment
  8. Countermeasures 

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Human Factors for Aviation — Basic Handbook, page 43

1.  Physical Factors

Physical means what the body is subjected to i.e. external influences.