NOTE:The abbreviations and acronyms listed below may be used throughout this sample examination.

AGL - above ground level
ASL - above sea level
ATC - Air Traffic Control
ATF - Air Traffic Frequency
ATIS - Automatic Terminal Information Service
ATS - Air Traffic Services
CAME - Civil Aviation Medical Examiner
CARs - Canadian Aviation Regulations
C of A - Certificate of Airworthiness
CG - Centre of Gravity
CFS - Canada Flight Supplement
cm. - centimetre
ELT - emergency locator transmitter
ETA - estimated time of arrival
FSS - Flight Service Station
ft. - feet
gal. - gallon
GFA - graphic area forecast
gph - gallon(s) per hour
ICAO - International Civil Aviation Organization
IFR - instrument flight rules
in. - inches
kg - kilogram
KT - knot
lb - pound
M - magnetic
MHz - megahertz
NM - nautical mile
NORDO - no radio
NOTAM - notice to airmen
SPP - Student Pilot Permit
SVFR - special visual flight rules
TC A.I.M. - Aeronautical Information Manual
TSB - Transportation Safety Board of Canada
UNICOM - universal communications
VFR - visual flight rules