Holding Position Markings (Diagram #1)


Turn Coordinator (Diagram #1)


Taxiing Diagram #8


Cross Country Flight


The chart to be used with this examination is the partial Toronto VFR Navigation Chart supplied in this Appendix.

Flight Planning Details:

The cross-country is a day VFR flight from the LINDSAY aerodrome (CNF4) to the PETERBOROUGH airport (CYPQ) to the NORWOOD aerodrome (CPY4)

The centre of the aerodrome symbols should be used as measuring points for each leg.

Identifier Aerodrome Name Geographical Coordinates
CNF4 Lindsay N44° 22' W78° 47'
CYPQ Peterborough N44° 14' W78° 22'
CPY4 Norwood N44° 22' W78° 00'

Partial Toronto VNC

(Not to be used for navigation)
Use any Canadian VNC Legend