Pilots’ Rights (TP 2228E-8)

Safety Promotion & Education

As PILOT-IN-COMMAND of an aircraft you HAVE NO RIGHT... to endanger the lives of your passengers by:

  • loading the aircraft beyond its weight and balance limits;
  • omitting any flight planning or preflight steps;
  • carrying insufficient fuel;
  • not completing all systems checks and vital actions;
  • flying beyond the limitations of your license, rating or currency;
  • accepting an aircraft that is less than fully serviceable;
  • exceeding your duty time limits; and
  • flying when you are not completely serviceable.

...even if your passenger asks you to.

As PILOT-IN-COMMAND of an aircraft you HAVE EVERY RIGHT to expect your passengers to:

  • comply with your directions as to loading of the aircraft;
  • respect your request for silence during takeoff and the approach to land;
  • accept without complaint the nature of VFR flight and the possibility of delays or overnight stops en route; and
  • follow your instructions in the event of an emergency.

Courtesy of Aviation Safety Digest Department of Aviation, Australia