RCO and DRCO (TP 2228E-19)

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Remote communications outlets (RCO) are remote radio transmitters/receivers established as an extended communications capability. They are used to

  • receive position reports;
  • retransmit ATC clearances; and
  • provide remote aerodrome advisory services (RAAS) or flight information services en route (FISE).

It should be noted that flight service stations (FSS) offering these services are not located on-site. RCO frequencies are used like any other frequency.


A dial-up remote communications outlet (DRCO) is an RCO that is equipped with a commercial telephone line. The line is only "opened" once the pilot or flight service specialist has made a call, and only the flight service specialist can disconnect the line. DRCOs are used to provide FISE.

Activating the DRCO

  • Select the published RCO frequency;
  • Push the microphone button four times in no more than four seconds;
  • A dial tone will be heard;           
  • The message "lien établi/link established" indicates that communication has been established;
  • Initiate the radio communication as usual.


  • A "call terminated" message indicates that the telephone line has been inadvertently disconnected.
  • If the line is not available, a "try again" message will be broadcast.

Reference: A.I.P. Canada, RAC 1.1.4