Chapter 5 - Ground Crew Supplement

Industry Fluid Specifications

20.  The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and the International Standards Organization (ISO) have specifications for ADFs and AAFs. The ISO specifications are derived from the SAE specification and are therefore usually dated. Transport Canada recognizes only the most up-to-date SAE specifications, and all fluids applied to aircraft must meet these specifications.

Note:  The status of ISO ground icing related documents has become uncertain, therefore only current SAE Specifications and documents are recognized by Transport Canada.

21.  The SAE specifications are SAE Aerospace Material Specification (AMS) 1424, entitled: "Aircraft Deicing/Anti-icing Fluid SAE Type I"; and, SAE AMS 1428, entitled: "Deicing/Anti-icing Fluid SAE Type II, III and IV".

22.  Users should request certificates of conformance to these SAE specifications from the fluid manufacturers.