Advisory Circular (AC) No. 300-001

Processing of Aerodrome Aeronautical Information

Issuing Office: Civil Aviation, Standards Document No.: AC 300-001
File Classification No.: Z 5000-34 Issue No. 03
RDIMS No.: 12611649-V6 Effective Date: 2017-08-11

1.0 Introduction

This Advisory Circular (AC) is provided for information and guidance purposes. It may describe an example of an acceptable means, but not the only means of demonstrating compliance with regulations and standards. This AC on its own does not change, create, amend or permit deviations from regulatory requirements nor does it establish minimum standards.

1.1 Purpose

The purpose of this AC is to provide clarification and guidance for the provision and processing of aerodrome and airport information by aerodrome operators to the Aeronautical Information Service provider in compliance with Canadian Aviation Regulation Part III.

1.2 Applicability

This document is applicable to all Canadian registered and certified aerodrome operators.

1.3 Description of Changes

  1. This document, formerly AC 300-001, Issue 02, has been reissued as AC 300-001, Issue 03, to reflect the following changes:
    1. Subsection 4.2 – Voluntary Process – rewritten to clarify the process that TC is requesting from all aerodrome and airport operators, in support of international standards reflected in ICAO - ANNEXES 4 and 15 to which the AIS provider is required to meet.
    2. Section 7.0 – changed to reflect the appropriate responsible Contact for more information by identifying the updated Contact Title and contact information;
    3. NPAs in Appendices removed, hyperlinks to NPAs updated in Section 3.0
    4. Section 5.0 and 6.0 included as per new template.

2.0 References and Requirements

2.1 Reference Documents

It is intended that the following reference materials be used in conjunction with this document:

  1. Part III subparts ASC 2001-010, CAR 803.01 (1), CAR 302.08 of the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) – Aerodromes and Airports;
  2. Part VIII subpart NPA 2004-067 Registration (CAR 301.03) of the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) – Air Navigation Services;
  3. ICAO Annex 4 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation – Aeronautical Charts (11th Edition, July 2009);
  4. ICAO Annex 15 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation – Aeronautical Information Services (15th Edition, July 2016);
  5. ASC 2001-010Requirements for the Timely Notification of Amendments to Aeronautical Information.

2.2 Cancelled Documents

  1. By default, it is understood that the publication of a new issue of a document automatically renders any earlier issues of the same document null and void.

2.3 Definitions and Abbreviations

  1. The following definitions and abbreviations are used in this document:
    1. “Minister” means the Minister of Transport
    2. “CFS” means Canada Flight Supplement
    3. “CWAS” means Canada Water Aerodrome Supplement
    4. “CAP” means Canada Air Pilot
    5. “AIP” Aeronautical Information Publication means a publication issued by or with the authority of a State and containing aeronautical information of a lasting character essential to air navigation. (ICAO Annex 15);
    6. “AIS” Aeronautical Information Services means “…the services necessary to meet the requirements of Annexes 4 and 15 to the Convention that relate to aeronautical information.” (CAR 803.01 (1));
    7. “ICAO” means the International Civil Aviation Organization;
    8. “ASC” means Aerodrome Safety Circular (guidance document published prior to February 6th, 2007);
    9. “AIS provider” means NAV CANADA;
    10. “AOM” means Airport Operations Manual; (CAR 302.08)

3.0 Background

  1. In anticipation of modification of CAR, Part VIII, Subpart 3 – Aeronautical Information Services, action has been taken by Transport Canada (TC), Standards Branch, Aerodromes and Air Navigation Division to harmonize the requirements of CAR, Part III with those of Part VIII NPA 2001-001 – Notification of Aeronautical Information.
  2. Notice(s) of Proposed Amendments (NPAs) to CARs Part III, subparts NPA 2004-066 Interpretation (CAR 300.01), NPA 2004-067 Registration (CAR 301.03), and NPA 2004-068 Obligations of Operator (CAR 302.07) – Aerodromes and Airports that have been submitted to the Department of Justice (DOJ) will directly link the aerodrome operator with the AIS provider for the regulation and standardization of reporting procedures for aeronautical publications.

    Aeronautical Information Publications:

  3. Changes to aeronautical information are required to be submitted to the AIS provider (NAV CANADA) well in advance of the effective date to ensure that it is possible for them to meet the requirements of ICAO Annex 15, Chapter 6 standards.  For further information relating to timely notification of aeronautical information amendments, please refer to ASC 2001-010 – Requirements for the Timely Notification of Amendments to Aeronautical Information.

4.0 Process for Dissemination of Aerodrome Aeronautical Information

4.1 Current Process

  1. Once an aerodrome is registered in accordance with CAR Part III, subpart 1, the operator is required to notify the Minister “…immediately after any change is made” to the aeronautical information that has been provided to TC and subsequently published in either the CFS or CWAS publications for their particular site.  This process of information dissemination requires both coordination and consultation with TC Regional Inspectors who should in turn assess the information before submission to NAV CANADA for publication. The AIS provider publishes this information in compliance with ICAO Annex 4 and 15 requirements.  Certified aerodromes (airports) follow the same process and are required by regulation, NPA 2004-068 Obligations of Operator (CAR 302.07)Obligations of Operator, to:
    1. review each issue, upon receipt
    2. immediately notify the Minister of any change

4.2 Voluntary Process

  1. All aerodrome and airport operators are requested to voluntarily provide new or amended aeronautical information directly to NAV CANADA, AIS Data Collection Office (, in accordance with the contact information outlined in the GENERAL Section of the CFS/CWAS publications, and continue to provide a copy of this information to the applicable TC regional office, to meet the current regulatory obligations.
  2. When forwarding information, it is requested that an indication be made on the TC copy whether it has also been directly forwarded to NAV CANADA, and vice versa. Should either TC or NAV CANADA receive aeronautical information changes without such an indication, the aerodrome or airport operator should be contacted and requested to resend the information, inclusive of the other recipient’s indication. This procedure should minimize any breakdown in the flow of information from aerodromes and airports for publication purposes and will further allow NAV CANADA to publish the airport operator’s verified information in accordance with ICAO ANNEX 4 and 15, on a timely basis.
  3. For all “initial aerodrome registration” conducted in accordance with CARs Part III, subpart 1 regulations, aerodrome operators are requested to only provide verified aeronautical information directly to the appropriate TC Civil Aviation Regional Offices. Once the assessment by TC regional inspectors is completed, and it is deemed to meet CAR, Part III, Subpart 1 requirements, the aerodrome will be registered and the information will be forwarded directly to NAV CANADA AIS by the TC regional office for publication within the appropriate Integrated Aeronautical Information Package publication (CFS/CWAS) to complete “registration” requirements.
  4. Airport operators are reminded that any change to the airport information in their AOM must be submitted to the Transport Canada regional office to comply with the requirements of NPA 2004-068 Obligations of Operator (CAR 302.07) and CAR 302.08. To meet these requirements, airport operators must submit to TC any amendment to their AOM prior to implementing any changes in respect to the items listed under CAR 302.08(3), (4) and obtain TC’s approval of such amendment. Once TC has approved the changes, the airport operator can contact NAV CANADA to coordinate the implementation of these changes, including providing a written request for changes to the aeronautical information publication package directly with the AIS provider - NAV CANADA, again with an annotation that this information has also been sent to the appropriate TC Civil Aviation Regional Offices.
  5. Registered aerodrome operators are reminded that they are obligated, pursuant to CAR NPA 2004-067 Registration (CAR 301.03), to notify the Minister immediately of any change made to the location, marking, lighting, use or operation of the aerodrome that affects the accuracy of information published in the aeronautical information publication package as issued by the AIS provider – NAV CANADA.
  6. As the AIS provider of Canadian aeronautical information, NAV CANADA is required to meet the ICAO ANNEXES 4 & 15 Standards for publishing verified aeronautical information and as such may request such verified information from the aerodrome/airport operators. Failure to voluntarily provide this information could mean that the affected instrument approach procedure, for example, cannot be published or continue to be published in the future due to inaccurate or incomplete data. Operators are again reminded that any verification of aeronautical information remains the operators’ responsibility and not that of TC.

5.0 Information Management

  1. Not applicable

6.0 Document History

  1. Advisory Circular (AC) 300-001, Issue 02, RDIMS numbers 3944694 (E), 4121470 (F) dated 2008-07-30 – Processing of Aerodrome Aeronautical Information.
  2. Advisory Circular (AC) 300-001, Issue 01, RDIMS numbers 2256768 (E), 2316524 (F) dated 2007-08-31 - Processing of Aerodrome Aeronautical Information

7.0 Contact Office

For more information please contact:

Suggestions for amendment to this document are invited and should be submitted via;

Original signed by:

Robert Sincennes
Director, Standards - AART
Civil Aviation

Appendix A - Aeronautical Information Publications

In Canada, the Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) is made available through NAV CANADA (the AIS provider) to the aviation industry as follows:

  1. Canada Air Pilot (CAP);

  2. Restricted Canada Air Pilot (RCAP);

  3. Canada Flight Supplement (CFS);

  4. Canada Water Aerodrome Supplement (CWAS);

  5. A.I.P. Canada (ICAO), AIC and AIP Supplement;

  6. Low Level Enroute Charts (LO);

  7. High Level Enroute Charts (HI);

  8. Terminal Area Charts (TAC);

  9. VFR Navigational Charts (VNC);

  10. VFR Terminal Area Charts (VTA); and

  11. Designated Airspace Handbook (DAH).

Note: Aeronautical information pertaining to aerodromes and airports are mainly found under the five products (bolded above) named in the current CAR 300.01, however, some information is contained within or utilized by other aeronautical information publications, provided by NAV CANADA.