Advisory Circular (AC) No. 300-012

Storage, Handling and Dispensing of Aviation Fuels at Aerodromes

Issuing Office: Civil Aviation, Standards Document No. : AC 300-012
File Classification No. : Z 5000-34 Issue No. : 01
RDIMS No. : 10962976-V1 Effective Date: 2015-11-10



(1) This Advisory Circular (AC) is provided for information and guidance purposes to those involved with the fuelling of aircraft at aerodromes/airports. It describes the position of Transport Canada Flight Standard Division regarding the recent revision of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Standard B836-14, Third edition.

1.1 Applicability

(1) This document applies to Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) employees, aerodrome operators, aircraft operators and fuelling organizations.

1.2 Description of Changes

(1) Not applicable.


2.1 Reference Documents

(1) It is intended that the following reference materials be used in conjunction with this document:

  • (a) Canadian Standards Association CSA B836-14

2.2 Cancelled Documents

As of the effective date of this document, the following document is cancelled:

  • (a) Canadian Standards Association CSA B836-14 standard supersedes the second Edition of the CSA B836-05. This circular formally rescinds the Aerodrome Safety Circular 2006-029, 2006-05-24 – Storage, Handling and Dispensing of Aviation Fuels at Aerodromes.

(2) By default, it is understood that the publication of a new issue of a document automatically renders any earlier issues of the same document null and void.

2.3 Definitions and Abbreviations

(1) The following abbreviations are used in this document:

  • (a) AC: Advisory Circular
  • (b) CAR: Canadian Aviation Regulations
  • (c) CSA: Canadian Standards Association
  • (d) TCCA: Transport Canada Civil Aviation


(1) The first edition CSA B836-00 standard was prepared and formally approved by the CSA Technical Committee on Storage, Handling and Dispensing of Aviation Fuels at Aerodromes. It was published in May 2000 under the jurisdiction of the Standards Steering Committee on Fire Safety and Fuel Burning Equipment. This standard was submitted to the Standards Council of Canada for approval as a National Standard of Canada.

(2) The development and revisions of the standard required the participation of government and industry experts with expertise in all aspects of aerodrome fuelling activities. During the development of this best practices standard, members of the technical committee tabled their recommendations in the form of requirements and minimum standards. It is Transport Canada’s view that CSA B836-14 provides industry the best practices. Since the introduction of this standard, Transport Canada also recommended that all aerodrome operators adopt the standard for their individual operations.


(1) Transport Canada's remains committed to the continuous development of this document to ensure that the practice of fuelling at aerodrome remains safe for air operators and for the traveling public.

(2) The CSA B836 standard should be included in the airport safety management system plan in order to monitor its ongoing application and subject the fuelling activities to an airport driven safety oversight. If the standard has not been implemented by third party fuelling service providers, it is recommended that airport operators initiate discussions with the fuelling companies operating at their airport to facilitate its use.

(3) Aerodrome operators, aircraft operators and fuelling organizations should ensure that the storage, handling and dispensing of aviation fuel at all aerodromes in Canada is conducted safely. Transport Canada recommends the practices set out in CSA B836-14, which are recognized as appropriate safety measures to take during the storage, handling and dispensing of aviation fuels at aerodromes.

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(1) Not applicable.


For additional information relating to:

Fuel quality issues; please contact the General Flight Standards (AARTA) in Ottawa, at 613 998-0794.

Environmental issues, please contact the Environmental Protection and Standards (AARTG) in Ottawa, at 613 990-1125.

Fire Safety issues; please contact the Flight Standards division (AARTA) in Ottawa, at 613 990-3708.

Aircraft fuel servicing tank vehicle (highway tank) and dangerous goods issues; please contact the Transport Dangerous Goods regional office in your region:




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