Airworthiness Notice - B068, Edition 1 - 10 June 2003

Piper PA28 Series
Aileron, Flap and Stabilator Skins


The purpose of this notice is to provide information concerning the correct configuration for the skin surfaces for the ailerons, flaps and stabilators on PA28 aircraft.


Early model PA28 aircraft were identified by the "0" in the model designation such as the PA-28-140, -150, -160, -180 and included the PA28-235 models as well as earlier models of the PA28R-180 and 28R-200 and are listed in Piper Illustrated Parts Catalog, part number 753 582. These aircraft have the constant chord wing and were manufactured with the titled skin surfaces having the bead "Out" configuration

Near the end of the production of the models mentioned in the above paragraph, the manufacturing of the titled skin surfaces changed to the bead "In" configuration. However, it could not be determined by aircraft serial numbers where these change occurred.

Later model PA28 aircraft were identified by the "1" in the model designation such as the PA28-151, -161 etc., and have the tapered wing configuration; these aircraft models incorporate only the bead "In" configuration on the titled skin surfaces.

Acceptable Configurations

Regardless of the original configuration when manufactured, the beads on the control surface may be dented bead "In" or bead "Out" as long as both sides are dented the same; the skins for particular control surfaces cannot be mismatched. For example, both aileron skin surfaces must have either beads dented "In" or beads dented "Out". Similarly, all the skins on the flaps and stabilator must match.

It is not necessary for unlike control surfaces [flaps compared to ailerons] to be similarly configured. For example, an aircraft may have both flap skins with the beads dented "In" and both aileron skins with the beads dented "Out".

Operators and owners must be cognizant of these acceptable configurations, particularly when performing repairs that necessitate replacing control surface skins and be aware of the applicable Parts Catalog for their aircraft model and serial number.

For Minister of Transport

Martin J. Eley
Director, Aircraft Certification