Airworthiness Notices

Transport Canada issued Airworthiness Notices (ANs) to help people working in the aviation industry comply with regulations and standards.

The ANs following below are divided into four series:

  • Series A - Administrative Matters (white paper);
  • Series B - Matters directly affecting airworthiness (pink paper);
  • Series C - Matters concerning only Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (yellow paper);
  • Series D - Matters directly affecting airworthiness (ONLY concerning a limited number of a/c owners, AMEs, or others (blue paper).

All documents issued after 01 Feb 2007 are now published as Advisory Circulars.

Also see the Civil aviation document cancellation history.

Series A - Administrative Matters

Issue date Subject
A001 1997-08-24 Introduction of Airworthiness Notices
A002 2004-05-28 Airworthiness Offices
A010 1997-12-08 Amendment to the Canadian Aviation Regulations - CAR 104 (Charges)
A015 2004-04-19 Transmission of Defect Information to the Organization Responsible for Type Design

Series B - Matters Directly Affecting Airworthiness

Issue date Subject
B001 2000-02-15 Engineering Design Approval Appointments
B004 2000-09-12 Acceptance of Foreign Designed Modifications & Repairs
B005 1997-09-22 Type Certification of Aircraft Certificated to SFAR 41C or FAR Part 23 Commuter Category
B007 1993-06-21 Aircraft Exit Signs - Radioactivity
B009 1993-06-21 Chip Detectors in Aircraft Engines, APUs, Transmissions & Reduction Gearboxes
B012 1998-03-06 Maximum Take-Off Weight for Small Aeroplanes Engaged in a Special Purpose Agricultural Operation for the Aerial Dispersion of Jettisonable Cargo
B013 1993-06-21 Removal of Aircraft Cabin Doors for Parachute Jumping
B014 2002-03-28 Emergency Locator Transmitters and Batteries
B017 2004-11-05 The Clean Aircraft Concept
B020 2005-03-10 Annual Airworthiness Information Reporting Requirements (Cancelled 2020-12-14)
B021 1994-11-18 Low Temperature Operations With Jet A Fuel
B025 1995-04-12 Airworthiness Approval of Radio Equipment
B033 1996-04-30 Maintenance Requirements for the Issuance of Extended Charter & Points Abroad Operational Authority
B034 1998-02-13 Certification of pressure vessels Canada - U.S. Bilateral
B037 1997-04-04 Installation of Automotive Heaters in Aircraft Engine Compartments
B041 2005-03-31 Piston Engine On-Condition Maintenance Program Requirements
B043 2000-01-28 Conformity Inspection Associated with Appliance Type Certification or Modification/Repair Approval Projects
B044 1998-05-08 This is currently under review. Use of Radio Sets in Aeronautical Service
B045 1998-05-15 Compatibility of Multiple Modifications
B048 1998-12-11 Hazards of Incorrectly Identifying or Mixing Aircraft Fluids
B051 2000-01-26 ESSO UNIVIS J13 Hydraulic Fluid
B052 2000-05-15 Application of the Civil Aviation Administration of Israel/Transport Canada Civil Aviation Technical Arrangement
B054 2000-06-14 Foreign Designed Engines Eligible for Use On Foreign Designed Aircraft Registered in Canada
B055 2000-07-04 Service Bulletin Compliance
B056 2000-07-14 Applicability of Foreign Airworthiness Directives in Canada
B057 2000-09-05 Revision to the Small Operator Maintenance Control Manual
B061 2001-02-02 Privileges of Performing Maintenance or Elementary Work When Instructed by Sources Other Than the Canadian Aviation Regulations
B062 2001-05-02 Review of Maintenance Requirements of Skis and Wheel/Skis Installed on Small Aircraft
B065 2002-05-28 Policy and Procedures for the Operation of Foreign Military Aircraft in Canadian Airspace
B066 2003-03-25 Insulation Blanket Covers and Tapes Metallized Polyethylene Terephthalate (MPET)
B067 2003-06-03 Inspection and Maintenance of Handheld Portable Fire Extinguishers and the Hydrostatic Testing of Pressure Vessels used in Aircraft
B068 2003-05-10 Piper PA28 Series Aileron, Flap and Stabilator Skins
B069 2003-07-18 Scheduled Maintenance Instruction Development Processes
B071 2004-11-03 Paint and Sealant Removal Process
B072 2005-11-21 Incompatible Oxygen Fittings

Series C - Matters Concerning Only Aircraft Maintenance Engineers

Issue date Subject
C003 2004-12-03 Transport Canada Approved Aircraft Courses for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers
C004 2005-03-31 Maintenance Release Privileges; Older Aircraft and SFAR 41C Aircraft
C010 2001-10-10 Inspection of Control Systems
C011 2006-07-18 General Information - Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licensing and Training
C012 1999-09-17 Aircraft Maintenance Training Programs for Approved Maintenance Organizations

Series D - Matters Directly Affecting Airworthiness
(but ONLY concerning a limited number of aircraft owners, AMEs, or others)

Issue date Subject
D001 1996-06-28 DHC-2 Beaver - Engine Compartment Fire Extinguisher System
D002 1997-01-17 Single-Pilot Operation of the Cessna Models 500, 550, S550, 552 & 560 Aircraft
D004 2002-05-28 Cockpit Voice Recorder Recordings Evaluation
D005 2002-08-29 Cessna 182S, 206H and T206H Right Wing Spar Cap Stiffeners
D006 2003-09-23 Eurocopter AS 350: Investigation of Flight Control Concerns
D008 2006-11-14 Safety Information Regarding Ground and Airbourne Icing