Airworthiness Notices - A015, Edition 1, 19 April 2004

Transmission of Deflect Information To The Organization Responsible For Type Design


This notice is to inform the aviation community of Transport Canada Civil Aviation's (TCCA) manner of compliance with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Annex 8 Standard 4.3.5, which describes the transmitting of defect information to the organization responsible for type design.


Since October 2001, entities operating under the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CAR) have been utilizing the Internet-based Transport Canada Web Service Difficulty Reporting System (WSDRS) for the reporting of safety-related defect, malfunction and failure information as required by CAR 591 (Service Difficulty Report (SDR)).

The majority of organizations required by CAR 591 to submit SDRs have accepted this electronic method as the preferred manner for reporting service difficulties. The main benefits of the WSDRS provide for expedient reporting and follow-up actions, as well as permanent record-keeping and database search capability.

TCCA will utilise the WSDRS to fulfill the requirement of ICAO Annex 8, Part II, Standard 4.3.5, which states:

"The State of Registry shall ensure that in respect of aircraft of over 5 700 kg maximum certificated take-off mass, there exists a system whereby information on faults, malfunctions, defects and other occurrences which cause or might cause adverse effects on the continuing airworthiness of the aircraft, is transmitted to the organization responsible for the type design of that aircraft."


This notice is applicable to both domestic and foreign organizations responsible for the design of aeronautical products for which an approval has been granted, and to the foreign authorities responsible for design oversight.


Effective 15 March 2004, TCCA will transmit, via the WSDRS, all Service Difficulty Reports received which meet the Canadian reporting requirements of CAR 591, to the organization responsible for the aeronautical type design of the affected product. When these reports are generated, an accompanying e-mail will be forwarded to the e-mail address provided of the organization responsible for aeronautical type design.

The information transmitted is secure and accessible only subsequent to registration with a TCCA provided username and password. This is normally assigned to the person responsible (or delegate) within the design organization for continuing airworthiness. These defect reports will be available for viewing, printing, comment or download from the organization responsible for aeronautical type design's private WSDRS account accessed at

TCCA will also provide access to defect information forwarded to organizations responsible for type design, to the Civil Aviation Authority having type design oversight responsibility. Foreign Authorities wishing to receive this electronic information must apply for access as outlined below. TCCA will continue to notify in writing, the responsible state of design, of any significant airworthiness concerns.

In order to receive access for your organization's WSDRS account, forward a request to along with the following contact information for the person within the organization responsible for continuing airworthiness:

Postal Code
Phone number

The ICAO has reviewed and endorsed this method of compliance to the Standard.

For Minister of Transport

Martin J. Eley
Director, Aircraft Certification