BAE series 3100 and 3200 (Jetstream) landing gear component life limits - Civil Aviation Safety Alerts (CASA) No. 2013-08


Owners, operators and maintainers of BAE series 3100 and 3200 (Jetstream) aeroplanes

Issuing Office: National Aircraft Certification Branch
Document No. : CASA 2013-08
File Classification No. : Z 5000-35
Issue No. : 01
RDIMS No. : 8562705
Effective Date: 2013-11-14


The purpose of this Civil Aviation Safety Alert is to raise awareness of the possibility of time expired landing gear components that may be in service on BAE Series 3100 and 3200 aeroplanes.


EASA Airworthiness Directive 2006-0087 mandates compliance with BAE Service Bulletin (SB) 32-JA981042. This SB lists the time limits for the various landing gear components.

Transport Canada has been made aware of time expired landing gear components that were installed on a BAE 3100 Jetstream aeroplane. The aeroplane was undergoing a document review in preparation for a flight permit application when the non-conformity was discovered. The landing gear had recently been overhauled and returned with the time expired components installed. It would appear that the overhaul shop assumed the operator would replace the components or had misinterpreted the Airworthiness Directive that mandates the specific life limits.

In accordance with the Canadian Civil Aviation Regulations (CAR), it is the owners responsibility to ensure that all applicable Airworthiness Directives are complied with.

Further investigations with the aforementioned gear overhaul shop have indicated the possiblity that there may be other landing gear in a similar configuration operating in Canada.

Recommended action:

Transport Canada recommends that all operators of BAE Series 3100 and 3200 aeroplanes inspect their aeroplane records that pertain to past gear overhauls to ensure compliance with EASA AD 2006-0087 and BAE SB 32-JA981024.

Defects, malfunctions and failures occurring on aeronautical products are to be reported to Transport Canada, Continuing Airworthiness in accordance with CAR 521 division IX, mandatory Service Difficulty Reporting requirements.

Contact office:

For more information concerning this issue, contact a Transport Canada Centre; or contact Dean Ciaschini, Continuing Airworthiness, Ottawa, at  613-952-4357, facsimile 613-996-9178, or e-mail

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Derek Ferguson
Chief, Continuing Airworthiness

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