Civil Aviation Safety Alert (CASA) No. 2010-01

Recipients of:

Service difficulty advisories and service difficulty alerts 

Issuing Office: Management Services
Document No.: CASA 2010-01
Issue No.: 01
RDIMS No.: 5748191
Effective Date: 2010-10-01


The purpose of this Civil Aviation Safety Alert (CASA) is to inform all applicable stakeholders of Transport Canada’s new procedure for alerting the aviation industry of important safety information.


Transport Canada has the obligation to provide important aviation safety information in a clear, efficient and timely manner.

Currently, Transport Canada distributes aviation safety information to stakeholders through the use of several types of documents, which include Service Difficulty Advisories and Service Difficulty Alerts.

As part of our continuous improvement process, Transport Canada identified a need to consolidate these documents into one single document, now entitled the Civil Aviation Safety Alert (CASA).

Immediate action:

Effective immediately, CASAs will replace Service Difficulty Advisories and Service Difficulty Alerts.

CASAs are non-mandatory notifications used to convey important safety information and recommended action items. The information contained in CASAs are critical and will be conveyed to the appropriate recipients in a timely manner. Recipients are then expected to take the recommendations of the CASAs into consideration during ongoing operations and maintenance.

Transport Canada’s public website now features a dedicated web page for Civil Aviation Safety Alerts: Civil Aviation Safety Alerts.

Contact office:

For more information concerning this issue, contact Transport Canada, Civil Aviation Communications Centre by telephone at 1-800-305-2059 or Civil Aviation Communications Centre contact form.

Judy Rutherford,
Management Services 
Civil Aviation

The Transport Canada Civil Aviation Safety Alert (CASA) is used to convey important safety information and contains recommended action items. The CASA strives to assist the aviation industry's efforts to provide a service with the highest possible degree of safety. The information contained herein is often critical and must be conveyed to the appropriate office in a timely manner. The CASA may be changed or amended should new information become available.

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