Performance data (performance information) requirements for subpart 705 air operators - Civil Aviation Safety Alerts (CASA) No. 2018-07

All Pilots, Flight Dispatchers and Flight Operations Personnel Employed by Subpart 705 Air Operators

File Classification No. : A 5000-35
RDIMS No. : 14107448
Document No. : CASA 2018-07
Issue No. : 01
Effective Date: 2018-09-28


The purpose of this Civil Aviation Safety Alert (CASA) is to remind all air operators conducting operations under subpart 705 of the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs), as well as all pilots, flight dispatchers and flight operations personnel employed by these air operators, of:

  1. the regulatory requirements which compel air operators to utilize approved aircraft flight manual (AFM) performance data (performance information);
  2. the potential negative safety consequences, including possible runway overruns, which may occur when inappropriate aeroplane performance data is utilized; and
  3. the training requirements respecting aeroplane performance data specified in section 725.124 of the Commercial Air Service Standards (CASS).


The regulations related to aircraft performance contained in Subpart 705 have been designed to ensure safe operations. These regulations include specific provisions which require the weight of the aircraft to be limited during the take-off, enroute and landing.

Section 705.55 of the CARs – General Requirements specifies that any determination (to meet the requirements of these regulations) “shall be based on approved performance data set out in the aircraft flight manual.”

An exception is made for operations on contaminated runways. Subparagraph 725.54(1)(a)(i) of the Commercial Air Service Standards (CASS) – Exceptions allows for the operation of an aircraft to or from a contaminated runway, utilizing performance data from a source other than the AFM, provided the aircraft is “operated in accordance with a contaminated runway operations supplement to the Flight Manual that has been prepared or approved by the aircraft manufacturer.” There are also additional conditions specified in the CASS and a special authorization is required in order to utilize this (contaminated) performance data.

Take-offs and landings are only authorized when they are conducted utilizing the performance data specified in the provisions listed above.

The aforementioned performance data will only be valid if the actual runway surface corresponds to the conditions specified for the performance data. (i.e. paved runway, gravel, etc.) In particular, operations on unpaved runway surfaces require the use of performance data which specifically accounts for the characteristics of these runway surfaces.

Seal coated (or chip seal surfaces) cannot be considered as equivalent to paved surfaces. Seal coated runways are considered to be unpaved runways as defined in AC 700-011 Subject: Operations on Runways with Unpaved Surfaces. Take-offs and landings from seal coated runways require specific performance data which accounts for these runway surfaces. As seal coated runways are essentially gravel runways, gravel runway performance data may be used, provided the characteristics of the seal coated runway meets or exceeds the criteria of the surface definition provided in the applicable gravel runway AFM supplement.

To accurately account for the effects of wet or contaminated runway conditions on a gravel runway, air operators need to utilize performance data which specifically addresses all of these conditions. Operations should therefore not be conducted from such surfaces unless specific AFM performance data or manufacturer-approved supplementary performance data is used.

Specific AFM performance data (performance information) or manufacturer-approved supplementary performance data (performance information) may not currently be available for all runway surfaces and/or types of contamination. It may therefore be necessary for air operators to request that specific performance data (performance information) be developed by their aircraft’s manufacturer and/or type certificate holder.

Recommended Action:

Air operators need to ensure that:

  1. All pilots and flight dispatchers are aware of the regulatory requirements specified in subpart 705 respecting performance data.
  2. Flight operations are conducted respecting the weight limitations which are imposed by the aforementioned performance data.
  3. All pilots and flight dispatchers receive the required training and suitable guidance respecting the use of appropriate performance data that accounts for the runway surface.

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