Aeroshell oil recall - Service Difficulty Advisory

AV 2002-01
11 January 2002

The following is a recall notice provided by Shell Lubricants U.S.A Due to the oil's wide distribution and use in Canada, a reproduction of the recall notice for the Canadian aviation community is warranted.


"Equilon Lubricants LLC is the producer of Aeroshell, the world's best selling aviation piston engine oil. We take seriously the level of confidence placed on Aeroshell products by the aviation community and individual customers like you.

In this spirit we are acting quickly to voluntarily recall specified batches of products that fall below our quality standards and replace them, at no cost to you, with Aeroshell products that do meet our quality requirements.

However, a recent batch of Aeroshell product may not have met our stringent requirements. A mechanical problem in our blend plant equipment may have allowed some debris to be carried from the blend tank to our packaging equipment. While the problem has since been corrected and measures put in place to preclude this from happening in the future, the debris that did get to the packaging equipment may have allowed some Aeroshell products to fall under the desired level of internal quality control. Therefore, we are recalling specified batches of products and replacing them with Aeroshell products that do meet our quality requirements.

These measures are necessary because of the high standards we have for the Aeroshell product line and our commitment to the aviation community.

The following Aeroshell Oil products with bottle and case identifiers listed are being recalled:

80 EWA012022310051 WR100501 Quarts
80 EWA012022310081 WR100801 Quarts
100 EWA011442610051 WR100501 Quarts
100 EWA011442610081 WR100801 Quarts
100 EWA012157211051 WR110501 Quarts
W 65 EWA0111736209201 WR092001 Quarts
W 80 EWA011609009071 WR090701 Quarts
W 80 EWA012028310081 WR100801 Quarts
W 80 EWA012240511061 WR110601 Quarts
W 80 EWA012240511071 WR110701 Quarts
W 100 EWA011774610121 WR10121 Gallons
W 100 EWA012157310221 WR102201 Quarts
W 100 EWA012157310231 WR102301 Quarts
W 100 EWA012322711071 WR110701 Quarts
W 100 Plus EWA011943810021 WR100201 Quarts
W 100 Plus EWA012421710231 WR102301 Quarts
W 100 Plus EWA012448411051 WR110501 Quarts
W 15W-50 EWA011481809211 WR092101 Quarts
W 15W-50 EWA011481810021 WR100201 Quarts
W 15W-50 EWA0118136100401 WR10041 Gallons
W 15W-50 EWC011813610051 WR100501 Quarts
W 15W-50 EWA012028610231 WR102301 Quarts
W 15W-50 EWA012028610241 WR102401 Quarts
W 15W-50 EWA012357811131 WR111301 Quarts
W 15W-50 EWA012357811141 WR111401 Quarts

For product return and re-supply instructions, please call Ms. Dawna Schneidewend at 618-255-3213.

For Technical inquiries, please call 1-800-231-6950 and request to speak to Mr. Paul Royko, Sr. Research Engineer, at our Technical Research Centre.

We are sorry for any inconvenience. But rest assured that all Aeroshell products not only meet or exceed industry standards but also our own stringent requirements".

For further information, visit the website or contact a Transport Canada Centre, or Mr. Philip Champion-Demers, Continuing Airworthiness, Ottawa, telephone (613) 941-7466 facsimile (613) 996-9178 or e-mail

For Director, Aircraft Certification

B. Goyaniuk
Chief, Continuing Airworthiness