Bombardier (Canadair) CL600 1A11, CL600-2A12, and CL600-2B16 - Service Difficulty Alert

AL 2005-04
28 February 2005

Air-Driven Generator

Transport Canada has learned through the Service Difficulty Reporting Program (SDR) that an aircraft had damaged wiring at connector P1XC of the air driven generator's (ADG) output harness.

Bombardier has recently published an article in Customer Forum & Newsletter, Volume 1/Issue 28, to inform Challenger operators of this defect.

Transport Canada has reproduced Bombardier's article in this Service Difficulty Alert to notify the aviation community of this potential safety hazard.


"Recently, an Air-Driven Generator (ADG) manually deployed during a scheduled maintenance check, provided no power to the aircraft electrical system. Inspection revealed that the wire harnesses had shorted due to chafing in the ADG bay area. This situation can occur with ADG part numbers 728315 and 756652 only.

As a result, the operational check in the maintenance manual (refer to CL600/601 AMM Task 24-23-00 and CL 604 AMM Task 24-23-01-710-801) has been revised to include an ADG wire harness inspection, to ensure no damage or the stowed and retracted positions. Operators are advised to carefully check the connector backshell and retaining clamp area for any damage or chafing. Please refer to Temporary Revision (TR) applicable to your aircraft:

  • CL-600 AMM (PSP 602):
    TR 24-30, 24-31, 52-31
  • CL-601 AMM (PSP 601-2):
    TR 24-40, 24-41, 52-18
  • CL-604 AMM:
    TR 24-33, 24-34, 24-35, 24-36

Transport Canada highly recommends operators to inspect this area for chafing at their earliest convenience.

Any further defects or occurrences should be reported to Transport Canada, Continuing Airworthiness, Ottawa via the Service Difficulty Reporting program.

For further information, contact a Transport Canada Centre, or Mr. Steve Dudka, Continuing Airworthiness, Ottawa, telephone 613 952-4361, facsimile 613 996-9178 or e-mail

For Director, National Aircraft Certification

B. Goyaniuk
Chief, Continuing Airworthiness

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