Pursuant to subsection 5.9(2) of the Aeronautics Act, and after taking into account that this exemption is in the public interest and is not likely to affect aviation safety I hereby exempt all air operators operating Grumman Tracker aircraft on firefighting operations from meeting the requirements of paragraph 702.43(a) of the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs).

Paragraph 702.43(a) of the CARs requires that aircraft operating under the Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) with a single pilot shall be equipped with "an auto-pilot that is capable of operating the aircraft controls to maintain flight and manoeuvre the aircraft about the lateral and longitudinal axes."


The purpose of this exemption is to allow air operators of Grumman Tracker aircraft to operate these aircraft on fire-fighting operations under IFR, with a single pilot, without the aircraft being equipped with a serviceable auto-pilot.


This exemption applies only to air operators of Grumman Tracker aircraft conducting fire-fighting operations under subpart 702 of the CARs.


This exemption is subject to the following conditions:

  1. No persons other than the pilot shall be on board the aircraft; and
  2. A copy of this exemption shall be on board the aircraft.


This exemption is in effect until the earliest of:

  1. December 31,2005 at 23:59 EST;
  2. The date on which anyone of the conditions set out in this exemption is breached; or
  3. The date on which this exemption is cancelled in writing by the Minister, where he is of the opinion it is no longer in the public interest, or is likely to have an adverse affect on aviation safety.

Dated at Ottawa, Canada this 12th day of July 2004, on behalf of the Minister of Transport.


Original signed by M. Gaudreau

Merlin Preuss
Director General
Civil Aviation

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