Exemption From Paragraph 704.108(1)(d) of theCanadian Aviation Regulations

Pursuant to subsection 5.9(2) of the Aeronautics Act, and after having taken into account that the exemption is both in the public interest and is not likely to affect aviation safety, I hereby exempt Image Air Charter Ltd., 2450 Derry Road East, Hangar 5, Bay 3, Mississauga, Ontario L5S 1B2, from the requirements of paragraph 704.108(1)(d) of the Canadian Aviation Regulations, subject to the conditions set out below.

The paragraph states that:  “…no air operator shall permit a person to act and no person shall act as a flight crew member in an aircraft unless that person has fulfilled the requirements of the air operator’s ground training program and, except where undergoing line indoctrination training, the air operator’s flight training program”.


The purpose of this exemption is to allow Image Air Charter Ltd. to permit the following persons to act as flight crew members on the specified aircraft type(s), operated by Image Air Charter Ltd., without completing line indoctrination training.

Robert Edmonds, licence no. AA358510, Bombardier Challenger CL60
Miguel Mendes, licence no. AA391067, Cessna Citation C560
Terry Tripp, licence no. AA344595, Westwind WW24

This exemption will permit Messrs. Edmonds, Mendes and Tripp to provide line indoctrination training to Image Air Charter Ltd. flight crew members.


This exemption applies to the aforementioned flight crew members of Image Air Charter Inc., when operating company aircraft, under the proposed new legal entity, Image Air Charter Ltd., holding Air Operator Certificate No. 9839.


This exemption is subject to the following conditions:

  1. Messrs. Edmonds, Mendes and Tripp shall have fulfilled all the requirements of IMAGE AIR CHARTER LTD.’s ground training program and flight training program except the line indoctrination specified in subsection 724.115(27) of the Commercial Air Service Standards.
  2. This exemption shall be carried on board the aircraft operated by Image Air Charter Ltd and shall  be part of each respective pilot’s training record with the new legal entity (IMAGE AIR CHARTER LTD.).


This exemption is in effect until the earliest of:

  1. EDT at 23:59 on August 11, 2005;
  2. the date on which any of the foregoing conditions is not complied with; or
  3. the date on which this exemption is cancelled in writing by the Minister where he is of the opinion that it is no longer in the public interest or that it is likely to affect aviation safety.

Dated at Toronto, Ontario, Canada, this 13th  day of April,, 2005 on behalf of the Minister of Transport.

Original signed by

Michael R. Stephenson
Regional Director
Civil Aviation
Ontario Region


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