Helijet International Inc. is hereby authorized pursuant to Section 702.22(2)(a) of the Canadian Aviation Regulations

Helijet International Inc. is hereby authorized pursuant to Section 702.22(2)(a) of the Canadian Aviation Regulations, to conduct aerial photography operations at attitudes less than 1,000 feet above and less than 500 feet horizontal distance from the highest obstacle, for the purpose of the Canada Day celebrations at Victoria's inner harbour. The operation will take place on Monday July 1, 2002 between the hours of 1500 and 1600 local time, depending on suitable weather conditions.

This authorization is subject to the following conditions:

  1. Operations will be conducted within the specified hours, under DAY/VFR conditions, using a BH06 type helicopter.
  2. *The site of the operation shall be as depicted on the map submitted and held on file with Commercial and Business Aviation, Pacific Region, being; the Victoria inner harbor.
  3. The local police authorities and municipality concerned shall be informed of and acknowledge the operation.
  4. Helijet International Inc. shall be responsible for ensuring that:
    1. the aircraft shall, at all times, be flown along a flight path which, in case of an engine failure or other in-flight emergency necessitating an immediate landing, shall ensure a suitable (auto rotational) landing site without endangering persons or property on the ground or on the water;
    2. the aircraft shall be flown in compliance within the "Height-Velocity Diagram contained with the approved Aircraft Flight Manual;
    3. the following restrictions apply:
      1. over water, the altitude shall not be less than 300 feet Above Sea Level (ASL) feet at any time;
      2. over land, the altitude shall not be less than 1000 feet Above Ground Level (AGL) feet at any time;
      3. the aircraft shall be equipped with emergency pop-out floats;
      4. when at the site as under (b)* above, the aircraft shall remain within gliding distance of the water
      5. the waters of Victoria inner harbour shall serve as the emergency landing area exclusively;
      6. the total cumulative flight time while operating at the site as under (b)* above shall not exceed 30 minutes.
    4. the transit route to and from the site as under (b*) above, shall be flown in accordance with Canadian Aviation Regulation 602.14, Minimum Altitude and Distances;
    5. all personnel involved are briefed on the operation, safety precautions and emergency procedures before flight operations commence;
    6. persons carried on board the helicopter shall be limited to essential crew only;
    7. the operation shall be coordinated with the appropriate Air Traffic Control authority;

This authority is subject to the observance by the air carrier of the conditions of the authority. Any part of this authority may be suspended or canceled at any time by the Minister, in writing, where he is of the opinion that it is no longer in the public interest or it is likely to affect aviation safety or for cause, including failure on the part of the air carrier, his servants or agents to comply with the provisions of the Aeronautics Act, the Canadian Aviation Regulations or any of the said conditions.

A copy of this authority shall be carried on board the aircraft while operating in Canada.


Henk van Erkelens
Superintendent Rotorcraft
Commercial and Business Aviation Pacific Region

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