Let’s Talk Freight-Rail Data

Current status: Closed
Open on March 19, 2019 and will be closed on May 31, 2019.

The Transportation Modernization Act (TMA) introduced a new requirement for class 1 rail carriers to submit detailed waybill (rate) data, along with public service and performance information for their Canadian operations.

Transport Canada (TC) is launching a regulatory process to:

  • Amend the Transportation Information Regulations (TIR) to collect data currently collected under the TMA; and,
  • Refine and potentially expand the rail data that is collected.

Refining and expanding data would primarily be aimed at increasing the transparency of Canada's freight-rail network, particularly in respect of railway service and performance.

Join in: how to participate

Share your ideas

Register at Let’s Talk Transportation to provide your comments on discussion questions.
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Who is the focus of this consultation

All Canadians are invited to participate in the online consultations. Those with a particular interest may include:

  • Railways
  • Freight-rail users

Key questions for discussion

  1. Are the weekly rail service and performance metrics published on the Transportation Data and Information Hub helpful? How are you using the metrics?
  2. What additional information would help you to better understand how the rail system is performing?
  3. Do you need other metrics? (e.g., commodity or geographic-specific data)
  4. What kind of public studies would you like to see Transport Canada undertake to further improve visibility into the rail industry?

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