Let’s Talk Marine Fuel in the Arctic

Current status: Closed

Open on December 20, 2019 and closed on August 31, 2020.

Transport Canada is working hard to protect the Canadian Arctic through the Oceans Protection Plan. We're also working with our international partners and organizations like the International Maritime Organization (IMO), and Arctic Council.

We are looking for your input on how Canada can reduce environmental risks associated with marine fuel spills in the Arctic, and whether a ban on the use of heavy fuel oil (HFO) is the best way to do this.

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Register at Let’s Talk Transportation to provide your comments on discussion questions or upload a document through the Submission tab on Let's Talk Marine Fuel in the Arctic.

Who is the focus of this consultation?

All Canadians are invited to participate in the online consultations. Those with a particular interest may include:

  • Indigenous and Inuit peoples
  • provincial and territorial governments
  • industry stakeholders
  • federal departments
  • environmental organizations

Key questions for discussion

  1. How can Canada further reduce environmental risks associated with marine fuel spills in the Arctic, while balancing economic and social considerations?
  2. Is banning heavy fuel oil use as a marine fuel the best option to reduce these risks, and if so why?
  3. Other than the impacts identified above, do you see any other impacts from a heavy fuel oil ban in the Arctic? Either from an environmental, economic or social point of view.

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