Modernizing the Canadian Aviation Regulations: Part II Aircraft Identification and Registration

Between May 15 and June 28, 2019, we consulted Canadians on their complaints about Part II of the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs): Aircraft Identification and Registration and Operation of a Leased Aircraft by a Non-Registered Owner.

We conducted an online consultation on Let’s Talk Transportation, with the goal of speaking with stakeholders, partners and citizens about Canada’s aviation safety regulations. We also sent an email to stakeholders to get their feedback through the Canadian Aviation Regulation Advisory Council (CARAC), on May 15, 2019.  This gave stakeholders the opportunity to express their opinions directly to our Aviation Safety Regulatory Review Team.

For the consultation on Part II of the CARs we asked one question:

  • What specific complaints do you have about Part II of the Canadian Aviation Regulations?

Five stakeholders sent comments during the consultation period.

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Important issues related to Part II:

During the consultation we heard that:

  • The processing time for aircraft registration is too long and difficult.
  • The registration process affects stakeholders businesses negatively, including making it harder for them to compete on the international market.
  • Stakeholders have problems when they export to the United States because of delays in the Canadian deregistering process.
  • Service fees are high.
  • Stakeholders need a more predictable service delivery process.
  • Being able to scan and email documents would help aircraft registration or deregistration process.

Next steps

  • The issues that were raised during this consultation are being reviewed by the Regulatory Review Team. We’re sending feedback to the relevant team leads and they will use it to help with their work, particularly for items that need a lot of policy development.
  • We continue to consult the public, including stakeholders, about modernizing Canada’s Aviation Regulations. Please visit Let’s Talk Transportation: Modernizing the Canadian Aviation Regulations for the latest updates.

Questions or concerns can be sent to the Aviation Safety Regulatory Review Team.

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