Emergency Preparedness

We all know that disasters are devastating events, both on the human scale and for the well being of our nation. They occur in many forms, be they natural phenomena such as floods, storms, and earthquakes or technological incidents such as pollution controls gone awry, civil disorder or armed conflict to which no nation is immune.

Our national transportation system is clearly a national resource that contributes to the relief and mitigation of emergencies. It is also however, a complex system that, by its nature, is at constant risk in an emergency situation.

It is Transport Canada's goal in emergency preparedness to work with our partners in industry and government to provide Canada and Canadians with the best possible transportation services under any circumstances.

To find out more about departmental emergency preparedness and how it may involve you, we invite you to continue your exploration of this web site and participate with us in Transport Canada's contribution to the high standards of emergency preparedness within the national transportation system.