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Looking for Exciting Work? Get a Job in Transportation

There are so many different job opportunities across industries transportation sectors and across the country, whether you are interested in a life at sea, in the sky, in the rail industry, or on the road, a job in transportation could be for you.

In support of increased diversification in the transportation sector, employers are looking to recruit employees from across Canada, whether you’re from the East, West or North, a woman, a newcomer or a young person. There are job opportunities for you.


Video highlight of working for Navigation Protection Program (NPP).

People of TC: Meet Jan Skopalik

Employers need to fill these high paying jobs:

  • truck and delivery drivers
  • pilots
  • mariners
  • train conductors and railway technicians
  • mechanics
  • engineers
  • transportation planners and managers
  • machine operators
  • logistics experts, and
  • transportation safety experts

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Trucking Jobs

Truck drivers are in high-demand. They provide an essential service that links Canada’s complex supply chains to the World.

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Aviation Jobs

Millions of flights and more than 150 million passengers travel Canadian airspace every year.

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Marine Jobs

With more than 243,000 kilometers of Canadian coastline, more than any other nation on the globe, marine transport is a key sector that supports trade and Canada’s economy.

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Rail Jobs

The railway system connects Canada from coast to coast to coast. With over 49,000 km of rail, our railway system key to moving goods and people across the country.

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