Scientific integrity at Transport Canada

We are committed to maintaining the integrity of the research and science we conduct. Our Scientific Integrity Policy provides the principles that enshrine integrity in the way our employees design, conduct, review, manage, communicate and use research and science.

The Scientific Integrity Policy recognizes that:

  • a culture of scientific integrity exists when science and research can be shared broadly to foster openness and transparency
  • researchers and scientists have the right to freedom of expression on matters of research or science
  • scientists play an important role in providing scientific and evidence-based advice in decision-making processes

At its core, science pursues and applies knowledge of the natural and social worlds. Scientific integrity means following the ethical principles and professional standards that allow us to responsibly practice research and science.

We believe a culture of integrity is essential to maintaining Transport Canada’s rigour, relevance, reputation and expertise in transportation-related sciences.


The Scientific Integrity Policy Overview is a simplified summary of sections of the department’s Scientific Integrity Policy that may be relevant to contractors and/or collaborators, for information purposes.