Overview of Transport Canada’s Scientific Integrity Policy

This document was created to provide contractors and collaborators a quick overview of Transport Canada's Scientific Integrity Policy.

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Transport Canada Scientific Integrity Policy came into effect on December 31, 2018.

As per section 7.1.3 of the policy, "TC will ensure that contractors and/or collaborators involved in, or providing services in support of, research, science or related activities are informed of this policy and encouraged to comply with its provisions and intent."


This policy was created to:

  • foster a culture that supports and promotes scientific integrity in the design, conduct, management, review and communication of research, science, and related activities
  • increase trust in the credibility and reliability of Transport Canada's research and scientific activities
  • set expectations for the design, conduct, management, review and communication of research, science, and related activities
  • improve employee's understanding of how research and science informs evidence-based decision-making, and the role of managers, communication specialists, researchers and scientists in developing government policy and advice


Failing to follow these principles is considered a breach of scientific integrity. When conducting research, science or related activities for Transport Canada, you must:

  • respect all relevant and applicable standards of scientific excellence, research ethics, and responsible research conduct
  • make sure that your activities, any research, scientific products or related communications are free from political, commercial, client, or stakeholder interference
  • make sure that Transport Canada's research and scientific information is made available to the public in a timely way, in keeping with the Government of Canada's Directive on Open Government
  • represent and acknowledge the contributions of scientists, researchers, and others to Transport Canada research or scientific work
  • avoid conflicts of interest and make sure that any real, potential or perceived conflict of interest is recognized, reported and dealt with
  • accurately represent different interpretations of research and scientific evidence, as needed
  • make sure that the contributions of researchers and scientists to government programs, policies, regulations, and decision-making is acknowledged in official publications or communications


For more information, read our Scientific Integrity Policy or contact jim.lothrop@tc.gc.ca or karen.hall@tc.gc.ca.

For more information on breaches of scientific integrity, contact Transport Canada's Senior Integrity Officer: TC.Integrity-integrite.TC@tc.gc.ca.