Transport Canada Service Charter


1. Our Commitment to Service

This Service Charter is our promise to provide quality service to clients, companies, government departments, local government, interest groups and individuals. It applies to all services Transport Canada offers: in person, via the Internet, by email, through written correspondence or over the telephone.

We pledge to:

serve you in the official language of your choice;

treat you with respect and courtesy;

identify ourselves when we speak to you;

offer accurate, timely and helpful service;

address your requests and complaints quickly and effectively;

clearly explain our decisions;

explain how to appeal a decision, where possible; and

protect your private information according to the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act.

2. Contact Us

Find contact information for services and issues managed by Transport Canada. 

3. Service Fees

Any fees that apply to Transport Canada services comply with the Directive of Charging and Special Financial Authorities, the Policy on Transfer Payments and the Service Fees Act.

4. Access to Information

The Access to Information Act provides a right of access to information contained in the federal government record (that is not of a personal nature).

The Privacy Act provides individuals with a right of access to personal information about themselves held by a government institution.

All requests under the Access to Information Act or the Privacy Act must be the subject of an official request, which the Transport Canada Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) Division will analyze and respond to.

Transport Canada
Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) Division
Place de Ville, Tower C
330 Sparks Street
Ottawa ON K1A 0N5
Phone: 613-993-6161
TTY: 1-888-675-6563
Fax: 613-991-6594

5. Service Feedback

You can submit service feedback to Transport Canada if you have a compliment, complaint or comment about the service we provided. The feedback you submit will help the department identify service issues and trends, which will help us ensure professional, consistent and standardized service delivery to all of our clients.