Lifejackets save lives


The scene begins with a father who is driving a car and comes to a full stop.

Seeming distressed, the father has a flashback to when he and his daughter were canoeing together.

In this flashback, he and his daughter approach heavy rapids and begin to panic. Both fall off the canoe and get swept into the rapids. The father is left searching for his daughter in the rapids.

Fearing she drowned, the father yells his daughter’s name multiple times. He hears a whistle sound and looks to see his daughter waving and blowing a whistle attached to her lifejacket. The father breathes a sigh of relief.

The scene returns to the father in his car. He smiles as his daughter comes out of the house where he is parked to greet her. The father gets out of the car and throws her the lifejacket in their preparation for another canoe trip.

Text on screen: Lifejackets save lives. Wear yours.