Testing the benefit of using winter tires in Canada


We have a couple of Explorers here. We're going to do a small test program where we're trying to compare snow tires to all-season tires braking on slippery surfaces such as snow and ice. So we have two identical Ford Explorers. One will be equipped with good winter tires and one will be equipped with all-season tires.

What we're going to do is try to see how the changes are stopping distance and to try to really show that, you know, there is a huge benefit to using winter tires in the climates that we experience here in Canada. And how that affects safety on the roads.

Getting up to fifty. Getting up to fifty. Fifty. Applying the brakes.

There we go. All right. So we repeated this test in opposing lanes and got nearly identical results. And it really shows the extended stopping distance when using all-season tires in icy conditions. This really does demonstrate the importance of using a winter tire in winter driving conditions, as it greatly reduces the risk of getting in an accident.