What’s next for the Oceans Protection Plan?


Since 2016, the Oceans Protection Plan has accomplished a lot for our coasts and waterways.

It has made our waters safer by funding the removal of over 500 abandoned boats.

It has increased protection for our coastal marine ecosystems through over 1,500 hours of aerial surveillance of endangered whales.

And it has improved how we partner with Indigenous Peoples in marine safety by co-launching the first Indigenous-led Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary chapter.

But our work isn’t done. We all want safer waters, healthier coastlines, and a better economic future.

That’s why Budget 2022 expanded the Oceans Protection Plan into new areas.

We will improve navigation safety for large and small vessels to better protect our marine environment and workers.

We will increase the types of marine pollution we’re ready to respond to in an emergency.

We will strengthen our partnerships with Indigenous and coastal communities even further.

We will invest in a marine transportation system that keeps goods flowing to and from Canadians.

And we will protect our waters for the benefit of our environment, our economy, and for Canadians coast-to-coast-to-coast.

That’s the Oceans Protection Plan’s commitment.

To learn more, visit Canada.ca/protecting-our-coasts