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Who is eligible to get free paper copies?

Canadian first responders from public emergency services such as:

  • municipal fire departments
  • police departments
  • ambulance services
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)
  • First Nation emergency services

These first responders can get free paper copies according to operational needs, which include:

  • one paper copy of the guidebook per emergency vehicle or per emergency kit bag (such as for volunteer firefighters who use their personal vehicle)
  • replacement copies as required for broken or damaged copies
  • copies used in class for in-house training purposes, on the condition they are to be retained for reuse in future classes
  • Canadian dispatch centres that pass on technical information about dangerous goods to first responders can get a small number of free paper copies for use in the dispatch centre
  • in remote areas where there are no first responders available, other Canadian municipal, provincial, territorial or federal authorities acting as public emergency services may get free paper copies according to emergency response operational needs, if they are likely to be the first to arrive on scene of a dangerous goods incident
  • transportation of dangerous goods inspectors, remedial measures specialists and provincial inspectors who respond to dangerous goods accidents can get one free copy each for use during their duties

To order free copies, please submit your request by filling the ERG order form.

Who is not eligible to get free paper copies?

  • Industry representatives, including:
    • private companies
    • industry emergency services
    • non-profit organizations
    • mutual aid groups
    • dangerous goods cleanup contractors
  • Non-emergency services within municipal, provincial, territorial or federal authorities, including non-emergency divisions within public emergency services (such as municipal emergency preparedness planning divisions)
  • Dispatch centres that do not relay technical information about dangerous goods to first responders (such as most 911 dispatch centres)
  • Anyone making a request from outside of Canada

Parties not eligible for free copies are encouraged to use free digital copies, or they can buy paper copies from a commercial distributor.

Commercial distributors that sell the ERG2020

BRP consultants Inc. / Centre de formation en matières dangereuses
E-mail: formation@brpconsltants.com
Internet: www.brpconsultants.com
ERG available: English + French

CFT Canada
E-mail: cftsales@cftcanada.com
Internet: www.cftcanada.com
ERG available: English + French

Dangerous Goods Solutions
E-mail: info@dgsolutions.org
Internet: www.dangerousgoodssolutions.ca
ERG available: English

Danatec Educational Services Ltd.
E-mail: customers@weknowtraining.ca
Internet: www.danatec.com
ERG available: English + French

E-mail: info@gemc.ca
Internet: www.gemc.ca
ERG available: English + French

Global HazMat Inc.
E-mail: info@globalhazmat.com
Internet: www.globalhazmat.com
ERG available: English

Green Lights Environmental Solutions
E-mail: info@greenlightsinc.ca
Internet: www.greenlightsinc.ca
ERG available: English + French

ICC Compliance Center / Centre de conformité
E-mail: customerservice@thecompliancecenter.com
Internet: www.thecompliancecenter.com
ERG available: English + French

J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc.
Email: sales@jjkeller.com
Internet: www.jjkeller.com
ERG available: English + Spanish

Power Engineering Books Ltd.
E-mail: sales@powerengbooks.com
Internet: www.powerengbooks.com
ERG available: English

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