COVID-19: Requirements for safe transportation of infectious substances (Class 6.2)

All the details regarding the classification, packaging, documentation, labels and placards, exemptions and special provisions, and shipments of infectious substances can be found on the page Shipping Infectious Substances.

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Any substance known or believed to contain infectious substances is regulated as a dangerous good and classified as an Infectious Substances dangerous goods (Class 6.2), under either Category A or Category B designation.

Transportation and packaging

Section 5.16 of the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations requires persons transporting infectious substances to comply with the means of containment (packaging) requirements outlined in the CAN/CGSB-43.125 safety standard.

Due to the different level of risk posed by Category A versus Category B infectious substances, each category has its own packaging requirements. The packaging requirements in CAN/CGSB-43.125 are harmonized with those set out in the UN Model regulations and are therefore aligned with international requirements.

To identify the classification of an infectious substance, shippers must consult the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations, which reflect the UN Model Regulations. The Public Health Agency of Canada may also be contacted for advisory services regarding the classification of infectious substances.

Permitted packaging for transporting Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Based on the classification established for the coronavirus:

  • When transported in the form of a culture (for example, cultured samples for research), the novel Coronavirus shall be handled, offered for transport, and transported as a Category A infectious substance in Type P620 packaging.
  • When transported in a form other than a culture (for example, patient samples), the novel Coronavirus shall be handled, offered for transport, and transported as a Category B infectious substance in Type P650 packaging or in Type P620 packaging.
  • Any clinical, (bio) medical, or regulated medical waste that is transported as UN3291 shall be transported in one of the packaging options outlined in Part III of the CAN/CGSB-43.125 Standard.

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