National Compliance Working Group (NCWG) membership list

The National Compliance Working Group (NCWG) on the Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) provides a forum for the Provinces and Territories to exchange information and seek clarification with the Federal Government on inspection and enforcement matters related to the transportation of dangerous goods in Canada.

This page lists the members of the National Compliance working group across the country.


Member name and information

Alternate name and information


Roberto Bruni
Acting Executive Director
Compliance and Response (C&R) Branch



Malcolm Mullin
Director, Dangerous Goods Rail Safety & 511 Alberta Alberta Transportation

Doug Horvat
Chief Inspector
Dangerous Goods & Rail Safety Unit
Compliance & Oversight Section
Carrier & Vehicle Safety Branch
Traffic Safety Services Division
Transportation & Economic Corridors

British Columbia

Richard Roberts
Deputy Director Compliance & Operations
Commercial Vehicle Safety & Enforcement
Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure


Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC)

Francois Dagenais
Transport Officer

Eric Lemoine
Transport Licensing and Strategic Support Division



Scott Davies
Environmental Emergencies
Environmental Compliance and Enforcement
Manitoba Environment and Climate Change

Lexington Slater
Sergeant i/c Training & Standards
Manitoba Motor Carrier Enforcement
Transportation Operation Division
Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure

New Brunswick

Mathieu Léger
Highway Safety Enforcement
Inspection and Enforcement New-Brunswick
Department of Public Safety

Aaron Butler
Acting Superintendent
Highway Safety Enforcement
Inspection and Enforcement New Brunswick /
Department of Public Safety

Newfoundland and Labrador

Krista Cull
Deputy Registrar (A)
Motor Registration Division
Digital Government and Service NL


Northwest Territories

Keith Bonnetrouge
Manager Transport Compliance
Compliance & Licensing
Department of Infrastructure


Nova Scotia

Rod Dykeman
Training and Outreach Inspector
Vehicle Transportation Inspection
Safety and Compliance through Education, Inspection and Enforcement
NS Provincial Transportation of Dangerous Goods Coordinator

Derek Deveau
Mobile Inspector, VTI
Vehicle Transportation Inspection
Safety and Compliance through Education, Inspection and Enforcement
NS Provincial Transportation of Dangerous Goods Coordinator


James Demcheson
Manager, Motor Vehicle Safety & Inspections
Motor Vehicles Division
Department of Economic Development & Transportation



Richard Robinson
Team Leader, Carrier Enforcement Program Office
Ministry of Transportation
Provincial Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) Instructor, Weights/Dimensions Instructor
Provincial Dangerous Goods Coordinator

David Mercanti
Carrier Enforcement Program Office
Commercial Inspections and Enforcement Branch
Transportation Safety Division
Ministry of Transportation

Prince Edward Island

Stephen Clory
Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officer
Highway Safety
Transportation and Infrastructure



Raynald Boies, ing.
Safety and Trucking Directorate
Technical Standards Directorate

Nancy Boisvert (Contrôle Routier)
Head of the Legal Expertise Division
General Directorate of Legal Expertise and vehicle Safety CPCRSV (E-4-34)

Mahamadou Sissoko
Engineer, MBA
Technical Vehicle Standards Advisor
Technical Standards Directorate
General Directorate of Safety and Trucking
Ministry of Transportation and Sustainable Mobility


Mohammed Zaki Hussain, P.Eng
Transportation Compliance, Ministry of Highways

Brent Orb
Director, transportation Programs
Transportation Policy and Programs, Ministry of Highways


Michael Kasprzak
A/Manager, Carrier Compliance
Highways and Public Works
Transport Services Branch


Ottawa - National Capital Region

Transportation Of Dangerous Goods Secretariat

Stéphanie Lepage
Manager, TDG Secretariat

Sandra Gravelle
Senior Advisor, Engagement and Strategy

Amilie Sanctuaire
Consultation and Liaison Officer

Chloé Bruneau
Consultation and Liaison Officer

Véronique Hokayem
Consultation and Liaison Officer