TDG and Security

Canadian Requirements and Proposals

This section is under development 

US Requirements and Proposals

  1. January 2003, United States Prohibition Related to Explosives

    NOTE: This rule has been superseded by a DOT Interim Final Rule for truck and rail. See item 2 in the list of US Requirements and Proposals

  2. United States Requirements on Security Plans, Security Awareness Training, for all Dangerous Goods

    Note: We have asked two questions of US authorities, and will post the answers when they are available:

    1. What must a Canadian driver do to be in compliance?
    2. Once in compliance how does a Canadian driver show he/she is in compliance, at the border or when within the United States?
  3. United States Requirements on Security Clearances for Persons Transporting Dangerous Goods Within the United States

    Note: Currently these requirements do not apply to holders of Canadian licenses. However, it is anticipated that this will change