Getting started with safe boating

Buying a pleasure craft, pleasure craft courtesy check, requirements for foreign boaters, human powered craft, life jackets, safety tips, checklists, trip plans, courses and resources for recreational boaters.

Services and information

Buying a pleasure craft

Hull serial number and compliance notice, licensing requirements, buying a used boat, buying a boat from another country.

Requesting a pleasure craft courtesy check

Get a safety check on your pleasure craft.


Operating a human-powered craft

Safety tips and requirements for paddleboards, kayaks, canoes, and other human-powered watercraft.

Choosing lifejackets and personal flotation devices (PFDs)

Choosing lifejackets or PFDs, keeping children afloat, lifejackets and PFDs for hunters, anglers and paddleboarders.


Filing a trip plan

Why you should file a trip or sail plan, form for making trip plans.

Maintaining a safe pleasure craft

Inspecting your pleasure craft, pre-departure checklists for safety preparedness.


Find education resources for recreational boaters

List of accredited course providers, contact for the Office of Boating Safety.

Rental boat safety

Resources for boat rental agencies and people who are planning to rent a pleasure craft.


How to be a responsible boat owner

Resources that will help you be a responsible boat owner.