Corporate offenders administrative enforcement action summary - 2020

File Created (dd-mm-yyyy): 26-11-2020
Corporation: 9152-0759 QUÉBEC INC
Region: Quebec
Violation: Canada Shipping Act, 2001: Section 87
Penalty: $3,250.00
Summary: On November 26, 2020, the company 9152-0759 QUÉBEC INC. was sanctioned for the failure of one of its employees to hold a required certificate and to comply with its terms and conditions.

File Created (dd-mm-yyyy): 17-09-2020
Corporation: 9152-0759 QUÉBEC INC.
Region: Quebec
Violation: Non-compliancewithCanada Shipping Act, 2001, s. 87.
Penalty: $2,275.00
Summary: On November 26, 2020, the corporation “9152-0759 QUÉBEC INC.” was sanctioned the subject violation.                         

File Created (dd-mm-yyyy): 08-01-2020
Region: Quebec
Violation: Canada Shipping Act, 2001: Paragraph 106(2)(a)
Penalty: $1,250.00
Summary: On April 20, 2020, the corporation ‘L’AMIK AGENCE MAMU INNU KAIKUSSEHT’ was sanctioned for failing to ensure its vessel and its machinery and equipment are inspected for obtaining all Canadian Maritime Documents

File Created (dd-mm-yyyy): 05-05-2020
Region: Atlantic
Violation: Canada Shipping Act, 2001: Section 211 of the Marine Personnel Regulations
Penalty: $6,000.00
Summary: On June 25, 2020, the corporation ‘PUBNICO STAR FISHERIES Ltd ‘was sanctioned for the failure to ensure its vessel met the minimum safe manning requirements during operation

File Created (dd-mm-yyyy): 02-03-2020
Corporation: RMI MARINE Ltd
Region: Atlantic
Violation: Canada Shipping Act, 2001: Section 87, Section 118 and, Subsection 601(2) of theSmall Vessel Regulations
Penalty: $36,000.00
Summary: On April 23, 2020, the corporation ‘RMI Marine Ltd’ was sanctioned for:

  1. The failure to hold and comply with a certificate on board a Canadian vessel.
  2. Jeopardizing the safety of a vessel or of persons on board.
  3. The failure to ensure critical safety requirements of a small vessel