Administrative Enforcement Action Summaries

Marine Safety and Security Enforcement

Transport Canada Marine Safety and Security Program is responsible for developing, administering, and enforcing national and international laws and policies governing Marine Safety and Security and the Marine Environment.

As regulator of the marine industry, Transport Canada enforces compliance with legislation using the right balance of fairness and deterrence before pursuing enforcement action. Our role is to:

  • Encourage compliance with legislation and regulations, and
  • Deal with non-compliance effectively and consistently

To select the appropriate enforcement measures and penalty amounts, Transport Canada Marine Safety Inspectors use a scaled approach. They may issue:

  • Verbal warnings
  • Assurance of Compliance
  • Written warnings
  • Administrative Monetary Penalties (AMPs)

Administrative Monetary Penalties

Marine Safety and Security inspectors have the authority to issue an Administrative Monetary Penalty to any individual or company that contravenes the regulatory regime. Examples of such penalties may be imposed due to contraventions of the following:

The AMP scheme includes review and appeal procedures. The person or vessel must either:

  • Pay the full amount, or
  • Request a review of the charge or penalty with the Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada

The Canada Shipping Act, 2001 has provisions outlining the review procedure. The Notice of Violation has directions for how to file a request for review with the tribunal.

Below is a list of Marine Administrative Monetary Penalties issued by Transport Canada, in the last five years.

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