Marine Security Acts and Regulations

Canada places great value on maritime security. In fact, we have been actively working towards reducing the risk of criminal and terrorist activity on or near vessels and our ports for more than 15 years. The Marine Transportation Security Act gives the Minister of Transport the tools necessary to help ensure the security of Canada’s marine transport industry by providing the authority to establish measures and regulations.

The Marine Transportation Security Regulations and the Domestic Ferries Security Regulations as well as a security measure for cruise ships and cruise ship facilities, are currently in force under the Act to protect the security of the marine transportation system.

Canada’s marine laws are greatly influenced by the International Maritime Organization’s International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code.  The ISPS Code is a framework that gives International Maritime Organization member countries a common way to measure risk, reduce threats and make ships and marine facility less vulnerable through well-defined security levels and security procedures.