Security Measures

Marine Transportation Security Measures

Under the Marine TransportationSecurity Act, the Minister of Transport has the authority to formulate security measures to increase the protection of the marine transportation system in Canada, when deemed necessary.  Security measures can address a number of security concerns and provide an additional layer of security for potential security gaps. 

For example, security measures may direct vessels to proceed to, or remain outside of certain areas.  Areas covered by security measures could include ports, terminals, piers, marine facilities and vessels.

The purpose of developing security measures is to enhance the security of persons or goods that are not adequately protected or are not protected in accordance with the Marine Transportation Security Act and its regulations.  The security measures may apply instead of, or in addition to, any provisions of the Act and its regulations.

Recently, security measures have been implemented by Transport Canada for cruise ship and cruise ship terminals, as well as a variety of events such as the 2010 Tall Ships, the Redpath Toronto Waterfront Festival, and the G-20 Summit.