Tier I - Policy – Validity period of a Radio Inspection Certificate issued under the Navigation Safety Regulations, 2020

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1 Policy Objective

1.1 The objective of this policy is to define the period of validity of the Radio Inspection Certificates issued under the Navigation Safety Regulations, 2020.

2 Policy Statement

2.1 A radio inspection certificate issued under Section 240 of the Navigation Safety Regulations, 2020 can have a maximum period of validity, from the date of issuance, of:

  1. A) 4 years if the vessel operates exclusively within the inland waters of Canada, Sea Area A1 or the waters of the Great Lakes that lies within the United States;
  2. B) 1 year if the vessel operates in waters other than the waters listed in paragraph A; or 
  3. C) 5 years, if endorsed annually following the inspection. The annual endorsement must be completed within 3 months before or after each anniversary date of the Radio Inspection Certificate.

3 Scope

3.1 This policy applies to non-Convention vessels that are subject to the requirements of section 240 of the Navigation Safety Regulations, 2020.

4 Authority

4.1 This policy comes under the overall administrative authority of the Executive Director, Navigation Safety & Environmental Programs.

5 Responsibility

5.1 The Executive Director, Navigation Safety and Environmental Programs (AMSE) is accountable for this policy whilst the Regional Directors are responsible for its application.

5.2 The Manager Navigation Safety and Radiocommunications may be contacted at tc.navradio.tc@tc.gc.ca should further clarification be required.

6 Date of Application

6.1 This policy becomes effective on October 01, 2022.

7 Date for Review

7.1 This policy shall be reviewed after 36 months from the date of application.

8 RDIMS Reference

8.1 The English version of this document is saved in RDIMS under reference number: 17961900

8.2 La version française du présent document est dans le SGDDI et porte le numéro de référence SGDDI : 18714857

9 Keywords

  • Radio Inspection Certificate
  • Navigation Safety Regulations, 2020

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