About the Recreational Boating Safety Program

The Office of Boating Safety is responsible for overseeing regulations, standards and policies, enforcement and technical services for recreational vessels.It encourages safe boating practices and compliance with regulations. This is done through management of the Vessel Operation Restriction and Pleasure Craft Licensing regulatory programs; providing training to enforcement agencies when requested, and promoting boating safety. In addition, the Boating Safety Contribution Program supports boating safety education in both official languages through funding to our partner organizations (i.e. provincial police forces, safety organizations).

The Pleasure Craft Operator Competency Program is responsible for the development and maintenance of regulations and standards related to operator competency requirements for recreational boaters. The Program’s primary focus is in providing regulatory oversight for the accreditation and monitoring of course providers who deliver boating safety courses and tests so the public can obtain a Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC). The Program maintains a national database of cardholders, and to date, over 3.2 million PCOCs have been issued. The program also develops and issues the official boating safety tests to course providers.