Annual Reports

Canada works together with the global PSC community to verify that foreign vessels entering their waters are in compliance with strict international safety and anti-pollution standards. Ships that are found to be in serious violation of standards are detained in port until their deficiencies have been rectified. The objective of Port State Control is to detect and inspect sub-standard ships and help eliminate the threat that they pose to life, property and the marine environment.

Summary of Annual Ship Inspections

Ships 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003
Inspections 1,099 1,134 1,237 1,277 1,174 1,277
with Deficiencies 426 434 513 482 498 495
Detained 31 43 27 49 68 59

The annual reports below summarize activities and development of Port State Control in Canada. Furthermore, the reports include tables and figures of statistics and analysis showing results of Port State inspections conducted in Canada since 1998.