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Rental boat agencies, and people who are planning to rent a pleasure craft, will find important safety information and resources on this page.

The resources here are offered in collaboration with the Canadian Safe Boating Council.

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Rental boat safety checklists

A rental boat safety checklist is a ready-to-use safety briefing. Rental agencies use the checklist to review safety information with clients before they head out onto the water. Clients check the boxes on the list to confirm they have understood each item.

Checklists include information on boat operation, boating safety rules, local hazards, and what to do in an emergency. Safety checklists are available for many different kinds of boats and personal watercraft.

Anyone operating a power-driven boat in Canada must carry proof of competency while on board. Your completed rental boat safety checklist is considered proof of competency.

Download your checklist:


Comments and questions can be sent directly to Transport Canada at

Printable resources


Download and print these 11x17 inch posters to share important safety information with renters.


Approved lifejackets (PDF, 2.3 MB)

Text: Always wear an approved lifejacket on the water!


Wear a lifejacket (PDF, 1.9 MB)

Text: Always wear an approved lifejacket on the water!


Impaired boating (PDF, 2.2 MB)

Text: Never boat impaired! It is for your safety, the safety of your passengers and everyone around you.


Plan ahead (PDF, 2.1 MB)

Text: Plan ahead. 1. Let someone know where you are going and when you will be back. 2. Be aware of local hazards and weather conditions. 3. Make sure you have all the required safety equipment on board in good working order and know how to use it.


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