Compliance Notices

Compliance Notices – FAQ

Compliance Notices are the manufacturer’s or importer’s attestation that the vessel is built in accordance with the construction requirements of the Small Vessel Regulations, as set out in the Small Vessel Regulationsand the Construction Standards for Small Vessels  1332.

The Small Vessel Regulations require, with a few exceptions, all pleasure craft of less than 24 metres, and as of April 29, 2011, all non-pleasure vessels of not more than 15 gross tonnage, that are or can be fitted with engine(s) to have a Compliance Notice affixed to them in a conspicuous position plainly visible from the helm.

The requirement to attach a Compliance Notice does not apply in the following cases:

  • a vessel that is constructed or imported by an individual for their personal use;
  • a tug;
  • a high-powered, low-volume vessel that is used exclusively for racing; or
  • a vessel that is of open construction, is not mass-produced, is not propelled or designed to be propelled by an inboard engine or stern-drive, and that has been constructed following traditional methods that have proven to be effective and reliable over time using wood or other traditional materials or, in the case of a canoe, using glass-reinforced plastic.

Until April 29, 2011, manufacturers and importers of non-pleasure vessels have the option to affix a Compliance Notice to the vessel.

Manufacturers or importers may produce their own Compliance Notices or until April 29, 2011, Compliance Notices may be ordered from Transport Canada by following the Application Process for Compliance Notices. After that date, Compliance Notices will have to be produced by the manufacturer or importer.

There are three types of Compliance Notices:

  • For vessels of not more than 6 metres
  • For pleasure craft of more than 6 metres
  • For non-pleasure craft of more than 6 metres

For vessels of not more than 6 metres the construction requirements have been harmonized, and therefore the Compliance Notice is the same for pleasure craft and non-pleasure craft. The Compliance Notice contains a statement of compliance with the construction requirements at the time the vessel was built or imported (the latest of the two). The notice must also indicate the recommended safe limits for the vessel. 

For vessels above 6 metres the Compliance Notice must contain a statement of compliance indicating if the vessel was built to the pleasure craft construction requirements or to the non-pleasure craft constructions requirements. A Compliance Notice for non-pleasure craft also contains a statement that the vessel may be used as a pleasure craft.

A pleasure craft of more than 6 metres cannot be used for non-pleasure purposes unless it is modified to comply with the construction requirements for non-pleasure craft. These additional requirements include, among others, a stability assessment, additional fire protection and requirements for auxiliary machinery. For more information consult the Small Vessel Regulations and the Construction Standards for Small Vessels TP

Samples of Compliance Notices are shown below.

Compliance Notice for an outboard powered vessel of not more than 6 metres


Compliance Notice for an inboard or stern-drive powered vessel of not more than 6 metres


Compliance Notice for Pleasure Craft of more than 6 metres


Compliance Notice for Non-Pleasure Craft of more than 6 metres