TP 1332 - Construction Standards for Small Vessels (2010)


The TP 1332 - Construction Standards for Small Vessels, 2010 Edition, applies to all Canadian vessels subject to part 7 of the Small Vessel Regulations that are required to meet the requirements of the construction standards and supersedes the previous version of the standard. Revision 1 contains mainly grammatical changes and minor technical adjustments to the 2010 edition that were deemed necessary due to clerical or translation issues found in the previous edition.

TP 1332 specifies construction requirement for pleasure crafts and vessels other than pleasure crafts of not more than 15 gross tonnage.

Who is this Transport Canada Publication for

  • Vessel owners – Authorized Representatives
  • Transport Canada Employee – Marine Safety Inspectors
  • Vessel designers and manufacturers

What’s in this Transport Canada Publication

  • Requirements for safety notices;
  • Requirements for Hull Serial Numbers (HIN);
  • Requirements for compliance notices; and
  • Requirements for construction of vessels.

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TP 1332 – Construction Standards for Small Vessels (2010)

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